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Abandoned (poem)

By Melanie Heard, copyright 2020

May not be used for any purpose without express written permission from the author

My exhausted heart pounds


Like steady gunshots

Thumping against the back

of a dusty velvet

Seat cushion.

Vines assume ownership

Twisted souls

Clawing at the walls and

Sprawled across the

Marble steps

Lazy, fierce, angry


They upstage everything.

And snicker at their own


In the corner, a child is crying

She turns

Mascara tarnishes her

Porcelain face

She sucks in her lower lip

And breathes out

A sigh of pain


Forced acceptance

Her tiny wrists, wrapped in bandages

Tied together and bruised

From trying to break free.

Stay there.

It's for your own good.

The piano yearns to cheer her.

But his keys have long

Since shattered into shards.

The dust of dreams.

The splinters of silence

This war-torn domain

He remembers satin dresses

Clicking high heels

Ruby lips

The struggle to turn the pages

And a siren song of…

A hollow wail of

Bluesy jazz and showtunes

Now, he just creaks

And weeps

With the child.

I cannot breathe.

I cannot endure any more



I turn



Yet fall upward.

Up, up, up.

Until my hot cheek

Is pressed against

the ceiling.

My hands against the

Feathered paint

The fractured memory

Of happier times

When people

bothered to notice the sky.

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