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Mom Bun (musing)

In the past, I never understood this hairdo. When I would see my friends wear their hair in a messy scrunchie bun on the very tip top of their head, I would wonder why. It’s not that I think it looks bad. Not at all. I just didn’t “get” it.

I am not someone who usually spends much time sitting still at home. Like, ever. But since the oh-so-lovely “Quarantine Self-Isolation/ Stay at home” nightmare situation has been going on, I have found myself doing a lot more sofa surfing and have quickly learned that this is a really great hairdo. As in, the best.

Here’s why....

It allows me to lean back against the couch without having to take my ponytail out or get poked in the back of the head. It lasts all day and keeps my hair out of my face so I can eat all the snacks. For whatever strange reason, I don’t get that ponytail hair ache that sometimes happens if I wear a regular ponytail on the back of my head. It’s not unflattering. My silver goddess hairs show the same amount as they would in any other style. And, when you take it down, usually your hair has a little bounce and volume, and even a little curl. Plus, you can throw it up in two seconds....wet or dry, clean, dirty or....when was the last time you showered?!?

Soooo, yeah......I have realized that the female inventors of the top of head messy bun ala scrunchie hairdo are utter geniuses.

You will probably see me wearing this hairdo more often than not from now on. Besides, it completes my overall COVID19 Pandemic look which includes: mismatched pajamas, stained hoodie, slipper socks, and a lack of bra. No way I’m putting on one of THOSE torture devices for my daily trip to the mailbox.

Besides, I think anyone who sees me will be more interested in my snazzy new hairdo.

** Side note, since realizing the unadulterated truth about this hairdo, I have been seeing women everywhere wearing their hair like this. Tonight on my neighborhood walk, two women got out of a car, and both were wearing their hair exactly like this. If YOU wear your hair like this, please snap a selfie and post a picture below. Mom buns, unite!**

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