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Revamping Romeo (poem)

By: Melanie Heard

Copyright 1999, May not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of the author

I’ve revamped Romeo

Took him out of his tights.

Thrown out the swordplay.

Turned up the lights.

Doused all the candles.

Prevented his kisses.

No near insanity.

No almost misses.

I’ve revamped Romeo.

Trashed the sweet talk.

When he came to visit,

Her door was locked.

Cancelled the parties.

Tossed the white dresses.

No more young hands.

Tangled in tresses.

I’ve revamped Romeo.

The hatred’s been tossed.

The words have been altered.

The meaning is lost.

I’ve revamped Romeo.

Maybe I’m deranged.

But the best part of the deal is

The end has been changed.

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